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Civil Asset Forfeiture: Policing for Profit

Imagine for a moment you are driving down the highway on your way to purchase a car in a town half-way across the state.  You are excited to pickup the slightly used, sporty convertible for your spouse as a birthday gift.  Because it's a weekend, banks are not open, so you are carrying a substantial amount of cash to be [...]

February 22nd, 2017|Categories: Constitution, Freedom, Justice, Liberty, Political, Protection|

Assembly Lines, Government Schools & the Loss of Our Republic

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart” is a verse from Proverbs that is often repeated in Christian circles. The fact is, most of my life I have subscribed to the hope this verse offers in raising one's children.  Of course, I have considered the truth of this verse from the [...]

February 16th, 2017|Categories: Absolutes, Bible, Conservatism, Donald Trump, Education, Freedom, God, Liberal, Liberty, Moral, Political, SCOTUS|

A Coup d’etat by Unelected Men in Black Robes

  Our nation has been deeply divided for some time and that division is growing even deeper. Much of this division has occurred because our political leaders have untethered our laws, policies and regulations from the law of the land, our Constitution.   But as bad as this rejection of our Constitution has been by Congress and the President, We the [...]

Liberal Violence vs Conservative Protests: A Moral Equivalence?

For the last several years I have watched in utter disgust as a steady stream of liberal groups have acted out violently in cities across our nation.  Whether it was the Occupy Movement, Black Lives Matter, or most recently the anti-Trump “protesters,” there is a common thread to all these anarchist-type leftists.  While some of their grievances may have merit, [...]

Refugee Resettlement: Here’s What No One is Saying

This week, with the talk of many in our nation focusing on Trump’s latest Executive Order, which temporarily halts refugee resettlement, liberals and their funded activists are up in arms and taking to the streets.  Even some Republicans are raising concerns over both the content of the EO’s and the way in which they were implemented. However, lost in all the [...]

The Utter Selfishness of Radical Feminists

This last weekend, as tens of thousands of radical feminists marched in cities around the nation, their vulgar and “nasty” remarks received prime coverage by a media eager to feature their heinous and godless tirades. Their despicable comments were beamed to homes and mobile devices everywhere. The profane shouts and signs of these self-oppressed radicals, declared their bodies were their own, and that government [...]

January 25th, 2017|Categories: Abortion, Bible, Conservatism, Conservative, Evil, Jesus, Liberal, Life, Moral, Planned Parenthood, Political, Pro Life|
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