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The Utter Selfishness of Radical Feminists

The Utter Selfishness of Radical Feminists

This last weekend, as tens of thousands of radical feminists marched in cities around the nation, their vulgar and “nasty” remarks received prime coverage by a media eager to feature their heinous and godless tirades. Their despicable comments were beamed to homes and mobile devices everywhere.

The profane shouts and signs of these self-oppressed radicals, declared their bodies were their own, and that government should keep its hands and policies off of their sacred reproductive organs.  With clenched fists to the sky, these women affirmed to the world, and even to God Himself, that their bodies were sacrosanct, and that NO ONE, could, should, or would diminish their “women’s rights!”

But what struck me was the utter selfishness of these radical feminists.  It was on full display for anyone honest enough to acknowledge their despicable self-absorption. As a godless media deified them, these radicals felt no shame in their self-exaltation. 

Lost in all the rancor, protests, profanity and threats though, were the feminists’ lies. Also missing was one glaring truth.

The radical feminist’s message could not be more aptly illustrated than with these tragic feminists’ attitudes (where “My” is the feminist and “her” is the innocent child in the womb):

    “My body supersedes her life…”

            “My career displaces her future…”

                    “My freedom destroys her existence…”

This selfish, morally debased, and evil philosophy is what permeates the radical feminist movement.  These feminists’ rabid torrents of anger are the antithesis of what God designed and ordained in the beginning.

Sadly, the vile beliefs of these rabid feminists assault the tender sweetness of those that are disparaged in the debate.  The innocence of these children emanate from:  

The smoothness of her soft, untainted features and delicate skin.
The sweet sounds of his new lungs as he inhales the breath of life for the first time.
The tenderness of her astonished cries as she leaves the warmth and security of her mother’s womb.
The fragility of that little child, who only desires the love and care of the one who chose to conceive him.
The very image of God, implanted in her DNA.

But tragically, the little ones whom Jesus blessed as “the least of these” are the very ones that tens of thousands of angry, abusive, blustering feminists will continue to condemn to a trash bag, incinerator or some Frankenstein-type “health-care experiment.”

What has been merely a “choice” to millions over the last 34 years since Roe vs Wade, has been a tragic death sentence for more than 55 million innocent children.  It is a scourge of a nation that has turned its back on what God loves.

As Jesus hung on the cross, presenting His innocent life as a sacrifice for all, His death was the ultimate example of selflessness. He gave His perfect, sinless life in death, in order to offer life to all of sinful mankind.  

Tragically though, the polar opposite of that selfless sacrifice by Jesus, is the abhorrent selfishness that is exemplified by radical feminists. In the name of choice, they will continue to demand “reproductive rights” and “equality”— their unacknowledged code words for snuffing out the lives of those they deem unworthy of life.  

Over the course of one week, the despicable acts and philosophy of the pro-death feminists will be juxtaposed with the peaceful and loving throngs of pro-life supporters, who will march this Friday, seeking merely to bring an end to the murderous act that was legalized by Roe v Wade in 1973.  There could be no greater contrast in the messages of these two groups than the feminists versus those who are pro-life. 

And there is no greater disparity between life and death, as God reminds all of mankind:

“I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live.”

May our nation, and our people come to our senses and move diligently to protect the most innocent and fragile, and in so doing, may we find the mercy and grace that only a sovereign and forgiving God can extend.  

Dream Big: Reversing Obama’s Fundamental Transformation

Dream Big: Reversing Obama’s Fundamental Transformation

Dream Big- Obama Fundamental Transformation

We are five days away from fundamentally transforming America” were ominous words uttered by Barack Obama just five days before his election in 2008.  And seven years later we see that Obama’s goal has greatly been achieved, due to his undying commitment to his ideals.  Tragically though, his agenda has been enabled by the unwillingness of his Republican opponents to stand on their professed ideals.  But that’s a whole separate story and not the subject of my thoughts today.

But what if you and I could reverse Obama’s fundamental transformation of our nation?  What if the damage and lawlessness perpetrated by this two-term President could be undone?  Would that be a Patriot’s dream come true?  

Over the next few minutes let’s dare to dream together about the first day after the Obama presidency, January 20, 2017.  On that day we will dare to dream big, that our new Commander in Chief will take five decisive acts to begin the process of unravelling Obama’s radical transformation, as follows:

Act 1:  Rescind every illegal and unconstitutional executive order from Obama

Throughout the seven years of the Obama administration’s lawlessness, we have seen an unprecedented attack on our Constitution by the Executive branch.  During his tenure, Obama has boasted that he can circumvent Congress via his “pen and phone.”  And he has done just that.  But most recently his chief of staff, Denis McDonough, promisedWe’ll do audacious executive action over the course of the rest of the year, I’m confident of that.”  So in addition to the last seven years, we can expect an even greater willingness by Obama to take bold risks, showing an impudent lack of respect for our Constitution, our Congress and the People themselves.

But in act one of our dream, on January 20, 2017, every one of Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional executive orders will be rescinded by our new President. Reversed. Gone. Period.

Act 2:  Instruct Department of Justice to commence investigation into Planned Parenthood 

In 2014 Planned Parenthood aborted and murdered over 330,000 babies.  But as evil as this is, in 2015 our nation witnessed even more shocking and horrific truths about Planned Parenthood as a result of a number of undercover videos.  These videos exposed the heinous activities of this organization including the illegal sale of body parts from aborted babies.  The graphic and disturbing footage included conversations with executives and staffers from Planned Parenthood and their affiliates.  Much of the nation’s media and many of our political leaders have largely ignored or defended these immoral and deeply disturbing acts by Planned Parenthood. 

But on January 20th of next year, in our dream, we will finally see an investigation into Planned Parenthood to determine what laws have been broken and who should be held responsible for these reprehensible actions.

Act 3:  Direct the Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service to put an end to the persecution of religious liberty

The first guarantee listed in the first Amendment to our nation’s Constitution is that of religious freedom:  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”  Yet, over the course of the last 7 years, we have seen an unprecedented attack on this most fundamental freedom by the Obama Administration via his Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service.  In case after case, we have seen these two agencies highly politicized in a manner that has consistently sought to restrain and restrict the right of American citizens to exercise their faith, both publicly as well as privately.  

But in our dream, once again on January 20th of the new year, we will see the assault by these two agencies halted and religious freedom will once again be affirmed and respected by our President, his administration and our government’s agencies.

Act 4:  Cancel the Iran deal

For years now, Iran has been the world’s number one sponsor of terrorism.  And while Iran, one of America’s most troubling adversaries for four decades, consistently chants “death to America” and pledges its commitment to the utter destruction of Israel, President Obama pursued and consummated a dangerous nuclear deal with this rogue nation.  Obama’s deal lifted sanctions from Iran, provided them with $150 billion that had been frozen, and is providing Iran with access to advanced technologies that will likely assist them in ultimately developing their own nuclear arsenal.  Imagine for a brief moment a nuclear Iran as they threaten to annihilate Israel and develop ballistic missiles capable of launching nuclear warheads.  But this nightmare scenario will be averted in our dream on January 20th as the entire Iran deal is cancelled, and the agreement is ripped to shreds by our new President.

Act 5:  Move US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

As one of America’s greatest allies, Israel stands as a beacon of democracy in the middle east, sharing many of our nation’s values.  However, for decades now, our nation’s Presidents, both Republican and Democrat, have failed to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  Given the constant threats that Israel has faced from terrorists and many of its neighbors, previous Presidents have lacked the political strength to relocate the embassy.  However, as the region and many nations around the world continue to ramp up their antagonism of Israel, including boycotting the tiny Jewish nation, moving our embassy to Jerusalem would be a strong sign of support for Israel.  Recalling the role that President Truman played in 1948 in recognizing Israel’s rebirth, there might be no better way to consummate our dream on January 20, 2017 than to see our nation move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

While we have been dreaming throughout this article, there’s a way in which our dream’s five acts could come actually true.  You see, Senator Ted Cruz has committed that on day one of a Cruz Presidency, he would in fact take these five decisive steps..  So while our dream today is just that, a dream, there is a way in which we can turn it into reality as follows:

  1. If your state has not yet held its primary/caucus, then be sure to vote for Ted Cruz.
  2. Go to and sign up for regular updates.
  3. While you’re there, consider contributing to the Cruz campaign, even if it’s just $10 or more.
  4. Keep Ted, Heidi and their entire team in your prayers.

Finally, encourage others to dream with you, and let’s do our part to turn our dream into reality on January 20, 2017 with a Ted Cruz Presidency!