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How the GOP's Compromise led to Donald Trump

Imagine a doctor who compromises the proven cure for an illness.    Or a financial advisor who compromises a sure investment.  Or a pilot who compromises the correct course heading.  Or a Mt. Everest climber who compromises the proper amount of oxygen needed to scale the summit.  Or a political party that compromises the very principles and values that built a great nation.  

Compromise, when resorted to in the wrong scenarios, can have disastrous consequences. 

Perhaps the only thing worse than being sincerely wrong is being willing to compromise the truth by diluting it with a lie. 

The art of compromise is one that is an integral part of business, politics, relationships and more.  It is typically employed when two parties hold opposing views and are at an impasse.  And if compromise does not sacrifice truth or principle, then it can be a worthwhile strategy to advance one’s goals.

But when compromise involves abandoning one’s principles and truth, then it will certainly lead to failure and ultimate loss. 

The GOP’s history of diluting and compromising its core principles over the last several decades has led directly to the rise of Donald Trump.  As a result, Republicans are now being represented and led by a man who:

  • Is an open and unapologetic serial adulterer, even boasting of his numerous and lurid escapades with “top women of the world.”
  • Is well known for his willingness to verbally assault anyone that might pose a threat to him or that he simply desires to ridicule or mock.  It matters not whether the person is an invalid, a woman that doesn’t measure up to his perfect 10 scoring, or a hundred other childish, misogynist or bigoted reasons.
  • Routinely encourages violence against those who disagree with him.
  • Uses mean-spirited racial slurs and disparages various ethnic and religious minorities.
  • Values his own personal ambition, fame and wealth above most anything else. 
  • Affirms that America is not an exceptional nation, and he actually has never liked such a designation. 
  • Has never asked God for forgiveness and does not even see the need for such. 
  • Believes Planned Parenthood does good work. 
  • Would order the military to kill the wives and children of terrorists.
  • Supported a ban on “assault weapons.”
  • Has sided with the strong-arm tactics of government over the personal property rights of individuals.
  • Is a big government crony capitalist, doling our millions to politicians, in order to buy personal & business favors.
  • Is a serial liar, personally, professionally and politically. 
  • Advocated for universal healthcare. 
  • Supported partial birth abortion. 
  • Welcomed Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner to use the women’s restroom in Trump Tower.
  • Criticized the North Carolina “bathroom bill” and suggested that people should “use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate.”

The Republican Platform over the years, including in 2012, has been a manuscript that promoted not only our nation’s founding principles but it affirmed the values that have been synonymous with conservatives.  But it’s one thing to enumerate a set of principles via a manuscript and yet another to put those principles into action.  Sadly we have witnessed too many Republican leaders willingly compromise our founding principles, to the detriment of the party and the nation.

There are times when a person’s commitment to truth or principle requires personal sacrifice.  In some instances that sacrifice may even cost great loss.  We can look to our history to see great examples of men and women who were willing to sacrifice fame and fortune rather than compromise.  One of Tennessee’s great heroes, Davy Crockett, is one such example.  Despite facing certain death, Crockett came to the aide of his newly adopted Texas brothers at the Alamo and lost his life doing so.  But in that final act, Davy epitomized the spirit he had chosen to live by: Be always sure you’re right. Then go ahead!

President John F. Kennedy famously once said, “Sometimes party loyalty asks too much.”  When such loyalty demands the compromise of truth and principle, that loyalty must not only be abandoned, but it must be exposed for the failure it most certainly will cause.


Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” John Adams, founding father.

Truth has stumbled in the streets.”  (Isaiah 59:14)