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Trump Hillary Pickup Trucks & Your Vote


As I’ve spoken for some time now concerning my complete rejection of Donald Trump and my support for #NeverTrump, the most common response I get from Trumpsters and Republican party faithful is this same old worn out comment:  “But if you don’t vote for Trump, you’re voting for Hillary.

If I’ve heard that comment once I’ve heard it a thousand times.  And no doubt you have too.   

But is that true?  When one rejects one option does that automatically mean they are embracing another, even if they reject that one as well?

Let’s see if that argument holds water.

In America, one of the most popular vehicles is the pickup truck.  I own one, a Ford F250 King Ranch to be exact.  I love my truck, and it’s served me well.  And chances are you, or someone you know, owns a pickup truck too.

Pickup Truck Sales croppedI’m currently in the market for a new truck and as much as I like my Ford, I’ve looked at some other manufacturers as well.  In doing my research, I came across the statistics of the top three selling pickup trucks in America.  And they are: #1 Ford, #2 Chevy, and #3 Dodge.

For the sake of argument, let’s say that after I’ve done ample research I conclude that while I own a Ford, I believe a Dodge is more in line with what I want and need.  So I decide to make the leap and purchase a Dodge.  By making that choice though, did I just vote for or embrace either of the other two manufacturers?  Or did my refusing to purchase a Ford and selecting a Dodge mean that I endorsed a Chevy?  

Of course not.  

I simply affirmed that a Dodge is more in line with my needs or wants.  Or perhaps I’m convinced the Dodge is of greater value and quality.  Regardless of my reasoning, buying a Dodge does not in any way affirm either of the other two options in our example. 

Let’s go back to Trump, Hillary and what I will call Option #3 (which I believe will appear soon).  If the Republican Party is the Ford in our example, I can attest that I have always voted for the Ford.  Not because I’m a mindless Party zombie, simply following the party line and pulling the lever just because a candidate has the “R” after their name. Rather, I have always been a voter who kicks the tires first to see if what I’m about to purchase aligns with my views and values.  If the candidate doesn’t, then I will reject him or her. 

In 2016, with Donald Trump as the heir apparent to the Republican nomination, I will be unable to vote for the Republican Presidential nominee.  I have written extensively about why I cannot vote for Donald, and here are a few articles.  But at the end of the day, I will not trade the shot at a short term political win with the knowledge that I will stand before God someday and have to answer for why I affirmed evil with a vote for Donald.  In fact, this verse, along with many others, is quite clear as to how a believer should vote when a candidate or his actions are evil:  “Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, expose them.

However, if the Democrat Party is the Chevy in our example, I can honestly say that this year, as in every election since I first voted for Reagan, I will again reject the Chevy.  Hillary’s record is quite clear (as is Trump’s by the way) and her endorsement and advancement of evil throughout her entire life and career as a politician is without question (as is Trump’s as a businessman).   So I will refuse to pick a Chevy at the polls in November.

But in my belief system, I cannot simply stay home and not vote as I understand I am accountable to God for my vote.  So I will do my homework, and research the other options available to me.  And at the end of the day, I will select Option #3, the “Dodge” in our analogy.  And when I do so I will be selecting a Dodge.  Not a Ford.  Not a Chevy.  And because I will select a Dodge at the polls this year, it does not in any way mean I am affirming the Chevy.  Rather, I am rejecting both the Ford and Chevy options.  They are both broken, inferior vehicles and not worthy of my vote, and hopefully not yours either.  But if you chose to embrace one of them, have at it. 

Just don’t be foolish enough to suggest that because I reject Trump and affirm Option #3, I am voting for Hillary.  And I won’t suggest that because you reject Option #3 and embrace Trump you are affirming Hillary, particularly given that Option #3 will certainly be a Constitutional conservative with a track record to prove it.